Support Group for Bi People – Curious, Questioning and Coming Out

This is a therapeutic support group for people that are exploring questions about their sexuality and about being bi, bi curious.

This group is for people who

  • may be coming out of long term (often heterosexual) relationships
  •  are looking for a supportive environment where they can feel safe discussing their feelings around their sexuality and identity.
  • in mixed orientation relationship (straight/bi) and want to explore issues in your relationship.

The aim is to help you manage changes in your life and manage relationship issues.

This will be a 6 week evening group hosted in the the central area of Melbourne (venue to be confirmed).Each session will focus on a key topic with en facilitated discussion with support and sharing form other group members

Some Possible topics for discussion and focus
  • Clarifying your sexual identity
  • Exploring issues in your your relationships/ Evaluating lifestyle options
  • Resolving Guilt and sadness about hurting loved ones
  • Facing fears (homophobia, ending up alone, rejection by children or family)
  • Living a double life (love triangles: secrecy or openness and the balancing act)
  • How to approach your partner about your sexuality
  • Sexual relationship and sexual safety
  • Building a bi friendly network

How You Can Benefit From This Group

  • Share your story with other bi people and see that you are not alone
  • Develop a new support network
  • Learn the steps that lead to self acceptance
  • Identify obstacles that prevent you from moving forward
  • Leave with resources both in your area and online

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You are not alone in your journey